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Ideal interiors: Try stainless steel for a trendy kitchen do

Source:   DateTime:2019-12-31

As I was watching one of my favourite programs on the Dstv style channel, I could not help but admire one house which was featured as a top house in interior décor.

What caught my eye was the stylish stainless steel and glass kitchen.  Well to be honest I have never been in a home which has a kitchen all made of stainless steel.

Even when I am doing consultancy services for interior décor, an all stainless steel kitchen in a home had never crossed my mind.

For a long time a stainless steel kitchen has been associated with hotels and hospitals because they are easy to clean and maintain, and these are two places where high standards of hygiene are expected.

But now one of the hottest trends in the kitchen décor is replacing the wood cabinets with sleek and modern stainless steel, or incorporating both wood and stainless steel to suit an individual’s sense of style.

A stainless steel kitchen in homes is now gaining popularity because of the scarcity of wood.

In many countries there are now tough rules on tree cutting; in fact just recently I read about some individuals who were arrested for cutting trees.

Therefore decorators have decided to come up with a more available material which is recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Everything in the kitchen can be made of stainless steel if the home owner wants it that way, from the kitchen cabinets to the counter tops.  

In fact cabinets made out of stainless steel are so hygienic and easy to maintain. You need to wipe and clean the cabinets quite often to keep the kitchen cabinets and counter tops perfect and well maintained.

Wiping cabinets with a clean cloth can help in preserving the original look for a long period, and a stainless steel kitchen can provide just that.

Stainless steel counter tops are also easy to maintain and clean, it does not rust nor does it crack – cracks on counter tops are dangerous because they tend to store bacteria.

It is also temperature resistant and does not react with the elements in the air that makes metal corrosion.

Depending on one’s choice stainless steel can be accented with wood or glass fronts in cabinets and the counter tops to create a modern elegance. The mixing accent gives the overall look of the kitchen a polished sophistication that is a sight to behold.

A stainless steel kitchen does not come any cheap – but the good thing this is something that one does once in a decade or so, so it is worth every cent spent.

Also when designed a stainless steel kitchen one must keep in mind the overall look of the entire kitchen. You must keep in mind the colour and texture of your wall paint and the flooring done in your kitchen, these look splendid when the colours are mixed and matched cleverly.

Anything out of order can look out of place and will spoil the taste of the whole stainless steel look.